Glenfiddich Gallery – Personalized And Rare Glenfiddich

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Glenfiddich, one of the most famous whisky brands on the world, launched the Glenfiddich Gallery last month. In Glenfiddich Gallery website, you are able to find 32 different rare whiskies from different years (1958-1996) and different casks.

Despite finding the rare Glenfiddich expressions, the site also gives you the chance to design your bespoke packaging. Thus, it is a great opportunity to buy a valuable present for your friends or, come on whisky is always a nice present for yourself.

The Gallery has a wide selection of whiskies including rum casks, sherry butts and Bordeaux barrels personally selected by the Malt Master, Brian Kinsman.

Prices for whiskies vary from 300 £ to 100000 £. While 1996 Refill Oak Marriage is sold for 300£, 1958 Sherry Butt is to be sold for 100000£. I would like to choose 1992 Rum Cask for myself but despite the price, which is 1250£, it is not allowed to ship whisky to Turkey by the laws. What a pity!!

First you should use the “Taste Profiler” to determine your taste of whisky to find the perfect one for you. You can choose the offered bottle or continue with a completely different one.

If you want to give 16000 £ and you are not sure what to select, Glenfiddich eases the life for you and offer you “Platinum” whiskies under the “Platinum Experience” menu. This is where you can buy your special whiskies in an expressway. 

Let’s say you chose the bottle. What next? At this step “Bespoke Packaging” starts. The box selection, sticker details and even the names on the sticker can be changed.

You can also customize the copper plaque that is installed in the box with a personalized message.

If I was living abroad, I would surely buy one of the optimum priced ones. But still, it is fun to play around the site.

Best whısky ıs not the most expensıve one !!

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