Best Whiskies of 2015

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A restless truly celebrated December left itself to a brand new month and a year. As it is the first post of the new year I wanted to write about my Top 15 Whiskies in 2015. I have tasted a lot of different whiskies in Speyside, Edinburgh, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and İstanbul. Also with our tasting clubs İstanbul Whisky Friends, Maltın Günü, Whisky Friends and Gusto Whisky Club I had to chance to reach a lot of great drams. In this post, you will find the 15 whiskies that left a rich trace on my palate and memories. Don’t forget that the list is totally personal and I am just a young whisky enthusiast. Let’s meet the Top 15 Whiskies of 2015 according to Keyif Adamı.

New Irish star. Especially about cost and performance, it is unbelievable. Finished in rum casks for 6 months, this whisky releases nutty aromas accompanied by honey, caramel and earthy scents. The round, creamy and oily texture creates an easy drinkable dram. With a price of 27€ at the Duty-Free, this Irish was one of the top performers of 2015.

Glen Moray 10 Chardonnay Cask

It was a total surprise in Whisky Friends tasting. Finding a whisky matured in a Chardonnay Cask is not an ordinary event in Turkey. Buttery, oaky aromas with the notes of orange are completed by toffee and raisins. Creamy texture has also a total body. On the palate sweet taste is noticed easily. Butterscotch, apple and pear-like fruits cover the palate. Finish is balanced, medium length with grain, plum and ripe pears. Also, it has a noticeable cheaper price.

A lovely dram I had the chance to taste by the invitation of İçmeden Sarhoş. This whisky shows the sherry affect in a clear and successful way. Having 46% of ABV, aromas of dry fruits with smoke are really balanced in this Glenfarclas. Grape and spices on the palate creates an excellent and tasteful whisky.


Connoisseur’s Choice Clynelish 1997 was one of the bottles that we tasted on Independent Bottlers Tasting with Maltın Günü tasting club. Banana, pear, lemon and heather aromas are dominant on the nose. The palate is nutty combined with pepper notes. At the very end creme caramel taste can be noticed. Finish is medium and spicy. One of the best of the night.

A great dram I tasted in Scotland was Glenfarclas 105. Being bottled with 60% ABV as a cask strength whisky brings out a whole new game. On the nose toffee, nuts, smoke, liquorice aromas are noticeable. Figs and dates tastes are creating a fun to drink whisky with a body. Cognac like traces can be felt at the back palate.

Bowmore Gold Reef

I did not expect such a nice whisky when my whisky amateur cousin brought this bottle from Germany. In a period when NAS whiskies are questioned this much, especially after Black Rock, Gold Reef was a total eroteme. Until I had the first sip…

Mango, peach, papaya, smoke and brine aromas with pistachio traces meet in a balanced way. This Islay whisky has pineapple, peat, basil and iodine tastes.

Laphroaig 25

We have waited for a long time to taste this one with Maltın Günü tasting club. This is a really special and great whisky. However, it can be a total surprise for the ones who likes the classic Laphroaig character. I could also make a more fair comment after blind tasting it.

This is a perfume bomb. Aromas get more complex in every minute it is aired. With flower aromas, ripe fruits, peat and coastal scents are existent. The palate has a creamy texture but not as much as you expect for a 25-year-old whisky. Though it is delicious and nutty and honey tastes can be picked up after the salty aroma.

I generally don’t give up on Ardbeg 10, but in Speyside, I have met Ardbeg Auriverdes. Being created in 2014 on the Ardbeg Day, Auriverdes is named after Auri(Gold) and Verdes(Green). It points directly to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Peat, vanilla, oak, pomegranate, coffee and chocolate aromas are noticed. The palate is round but it is not balanced. Floral aromas are exploding on the palate, like sipping a gin. Phenol is up front. Earthy tastes, tobacco and peanuts are found. A joyful dram.

Balvenie PortWood 21

Tasting it with Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask confused me at first. However, after tasting it alone, I noticed that it is a craft work. It was finished in 30-year-old Port casks. On the nose, peach, apricot and nectarine aromas are seen. Raisin, honey, red fruits, grapes are noticed on the palate. The finish has beautiful bitter chocolate notes.

Glengoyne 21

Another dram offered at İçmeden Sarhoş’s invitation. Oaky aromas are followed by honey, pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg. Red fruits by the sherry casks are also dictated. On the palate cream and butter are found and you can feel that oaky tastes cover the palate. Great 21!

Carn Mor

I bought this pretty bottle to celebrate my 30th birthday from Amsterdam. It was put into casks on my birth year, 1985. The independent bottler Carn Mor acquired this cask from Benriach. Great one for the lovers of citrus. Lime and mandarin are accompanied by dry fruit candies. Has a nice body and long finish. Orange peel, malt and flower notes are existent from the palate to end of the finish.

Longrow Red

One great whisky from Springbank Distillery themed tasting at Gusto Whisky Club. First fill Port casks are used in this 9000 bottle production. Coppery colour with topaz bouquets is noticed. The nose and the palate are also energic as its colour. The nose is salty and smoky with red fruits, tobacco, animal tones and peat. On the palate plum, raisins, sherry, peat and forest fruits are noticed.

Macallan 7

Turkish connoisseur Mr Teoman Hünal made it possible to taste this great Macallan expression offered to the Italian market. Spice, flower, red fruits and cinnamon aromas are on the nose. Bodily and creamy texture are going great with raisins, dry plumb and winter spices. Macallan 7 shows how a young whisky can rock your mind. No surprise that Italians love to drink it. Don’t think, just buy it!!

Macallan 10 Cask Strength

An extraordinary whisky I tasted at Mr Deniz Kut’s house. The tornado in my mouth continued for 6-7 minutes. Carob jam, candy floss, pastry cream, toasted oak are found on the nose. The palate is greatly sherried by red and ripe fruits, marzipan and spices. This balance monster can be found around 500 Pounds.

SMWS 29.157

It was the last whisky of the Amsterdam Whisky Tour. Having a name as Heidi’s Holiday To Islay is a great way to give some hints about the whisky. My mouth was on fire!! Smoked bacon, ash, vanilla, sea salt, pear and flowers meet the body and 59.2% alcohol on the palate. Peat, spices, oak, raisins are powerful on the mouth. The finish is very long and garnished with iodine and peat.

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