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Istanbul Whiskey Friends met after two long months at The Barley, the first whisky bar of İstanbul. We were honoured to organize the first whisky tasting at this very new bar.

The first whisky tasting club of İstanbul,  İstanbul Whisky Friends is celebrating the 5th year. This new season started with thematical tastings. In September we met to taste the Johnnie Walker series, and this month we met for the luck of Irish. The line up was a combination of 6 Irish whiskeys namely, Kilbeggan, Tullamore D.E.W., Jameson Select Reserve, Bushmills Original, Redbreast 12 and Connemara Peated.

We started the tasting with Kilbeggan. Even though Irish whiskies are known to be triple distilled, this Irish was double distilled.

Lime, citrus, powdered sugar, and alcohol take the scene on nosing. The palate is quite creamy and soft,  just like we expected. Spices and rye adds up on palate. The finish is really short and there is a considerable feeling of alcohol.

Second whiskey of the night is Tullamore DEW. I have been encountering this one a lot lately. On nose, it has a sweet aromatic profile. Especially vanilla, spearmint, marzipan and chocolate filled candies are noticed. A strong adhesive smell accompanies the aromas. On palate a spicy structure is noticed. Cinnamon and winter spices are in front and peach, honey comes from back palate and creates a harmony. Finish is medium short and has nutmeg and nutty aromas.

The third whisky, Bushmills Original is an Irish blend whiskey which as 5 years old grain whiskey in it. This grain whiskey is smoothened in oak barrels for 5 years. On nose, floral, apricot and cinnamon aromas are noticed. On palate spicy and floral traces are dominant. Medium long, sweety finish is noted down.

Next one is Jameson Select Reserve. A very delicious and solid expression of Jameson in my opinion. Nose has caramel, toffee, tropical fruits, strawberry and vanilla. It is really rich. Palate has raisins, vanilla, cinnamon tastes. The texture is creamy and like velvet. Finish is medium long having nutmeg and cinnamon. Sipping thjis whiskey is a joy.

Before the event, while unboxing the Jameson, a really nice box design appeared inside the box showing the production stages of Jameson..

Last two whiskies were the ones we debated about a lot. First we tasted Redbreast 12, a pot still whiskey which started to be famous day by day. Nutty and fruity aromas gather with toffee, green apple which creates a delicious harmony. On palate, vanilla, lemon, ginger, spices and toffees brings an exceptional moment with the creamy and round texture. Finish is grainy with raisins and liquorice. A looong warm final. Delicious and rich!!

Last whiskey of the night was Connemara Peated, which is a whiskey that peat is used extensively unlike other Irish whiskeys. Nose has apple pie and peat. With some air grassy notes are also delivered. On palate honey, vanilla, malt tastes are dominant. Though despite the taste, the main thing about this whiskey is the experience and texture. Just like a silk,  it slips in your mouth. There is no other strong character than peat, but it is really good balanced. Finish is long & nutty. Almond, cinnamon, pepper and peat accompanies. Strong and delicious !!

Another thing that made this night special was the appetizers The Barley made for us. Mango, powdered sugar candy, 9 layered pastry, pork sausage were jsut some of the great tastes.

This month is over and now İstanbul Whisky Friends are waiting for December’s tasting. Slainte !!

İstanbul Drams Rulez !!

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