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Sometimes famous cocktails are just born by a coincidence. Luck brings out delicious wonders like this Irish Coffee which is great to sip some under rainy and dull weather. You are drinking an Irish Coffee if you are drinking something from a stemmed glass under rain and which is delicious and warm.

The story begins in 1943 in a town called Foynes in Ireland. Foynes was an important terminal for flying boats back then. Especially in World War 2, the importance got bigger. Late one night in the winter of 1943 a flight departed Foynes for Botwood, Newfoundland. After flying for several hours in bad weather conditions, the Captain made the decision to return to Foynes and await better conditions. A Morse code message was sent to the control tower at Foynes to inform them of their return. Staff were contacted to return to work and when the flight landed they were brought to the Airport Restaurant for food and drink to warm them.

Joe Sheridan, chef, in order to warm the passengers, decided to put good Irish Whiskey into their coffees. One of the passengers approached the Chef and thanked him for the delicious coffee. He asked Joe if he used Brazilian Coffee? Joe jokingly answered, “No that was Irish Coffee!!”

The next week, Sheridans visits Brendan O’Regan, the owner of the restaurant and shows him the geniune cocktail he made. From that day, Irish Coffee became one of world’s favourite.


  • Irish Whiskey – 5cl (Jameson)
  • Black Filtered Coffee
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cream

First, the glass is warmed by adding hot water for 5-10 seconds. Sugar and whiskey is added and mixed to dissolve the sugar. Then coffee is added until 1-2 fingers off the rim. Mixing is essential in order to fully dissolve the sugar. No one would sugar particles while drinking. Lastly cream is added slowly on the top of coffee by using the back of a spoon.


Filtered Coffee

Brown Sugar
1 tea spoon

1-2 fingers

Coffee + whiskey should be heaven !!

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